Okay, Cion. This is your last chance. Do Hrobrine some good, won't you?

— Xyroceres to Cion, Hippo Story 4

Xyroceres is a Giant. He invented the Sharptree and has a


Other Names



Cion, Hrobrine, Giants, Evil Shadows, Zillos, Shadowy Hippo, Tarkanium, Kopexus, Vild, Shadow Kraduki, Anorbus Kraduki, Ajij Kraduki, Zijij and Gijij Kraduki, Giant Kradukis, Medeus, Tronium, Noobietooth, Failien


Vipero Zolantas, Zemidae, Dramitar Zildenbolt, Goan Alisk, Mommy's army, Wendy, Vidlion Xarkido, Dramitar's robot, Good Army, Likos

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group of giants as an army as of the Great War. He is a very powerful character, being able to win over Sinte and Viper, Goan, and Vidlion all at once. He will likely appear in the Hippo Story series, also appearing in the Dramitar Zildenbolt Adventures series.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

In MASBW, the first Dramitar Zildenbolt Adventure, Dramitar gets a warning from Clasicus saying "X.C. Before pear". Later, while fighting Bishomett, the villdizs says to Dramitar and Zemidae, "you should before pear for fighting Weeder," causing Dramitar to figure out the "before pear" part means "prepare". However, the Akan warrior does not figure out the letters until defeating Weeder, in which the villdizs manages to blow them into a cave. The giant Xyroceres is awoken, easily knocking Dramitar and Zemidae out of the cave. Zemidae gets up and flies at the giant, and Dramitar manages to build a robot. The robot, about half the size of Xyroceres, jumps onto the giant's back. Knowing they couldn't defeat him, Zemidae and Dramitar escape.

The Great WarEdit

Right before the start of the Great War, Xyroceres grabs a tree and, with the help of a Cyclops, sharpens it so it is twice as sharp as Goan's daggers. Bringing it to Hrobrine's cloning machine, the rest of the Giants are given Sharptrees. As the war starts, Viper, Goan, and Vidlion confront Xyroceres. The giant easily knocks Viper and Vidlion aside, but Goan fires a laser and is only defeated in battle when a Death Villdizs flies in and attacks with a sword. Xyroceres also defeats most of Mommy's army and Baby Wendy. He also defeats Sinte, the Seboan king of strength, in battle.