Calla C Chuka

A Chuka from Weirdland.

Plot Bean (1)

A Plot-Bean from Weirdland.

Cave Lon

A Cave-Lon from Weirdland.


An Ampto from Weirdland.

Weirdland is a large Seboan Island and was part of My Madeup World. In My Madeup World it was a planet that was mostly owned by the Chukas and Plot-beans. There are the same animals at the Island, which has not appeared in any books although is mentioned. There is also an Island Videos Weirdland channel. Although it has a very minor role in The Islands, it was the main part of My Madeup World.

Hippo Story 4Edit

Weirdland was first mentioned
Purple Baby

A Purple Orchid Bear from Weirdland.

by Splatter, when he suggests the Babies recruit Chukas and Amptos to fight the Shadows. Sammy declines this, as he says "Amptos are wild animals that would attack both sides in a war".

Hippo Story 5Edit

George suggests to search there for Sam first, but Agius Nizen tells him not to and he chooses to go to the Iceworm Caves first.