V'nom is a powerful black Serpentinite. He owns a Snake Staff and seems to be

Vital statistics
Title Cobrai's Third-in-Command
Kind of Snake Unknown venomous snake
Color Black, gray, orange
Weapons Venom, dagger, sword, Snake Staff
Drage Scale Power 6 1/2
Human K
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Cobrai's third-in-command. His name is a play on "venom", although he does not live on Venom Island like Poisson but instead is a constrictor. However it is possible his original snake was a venomous snake, and V'nom still has venom powers. He also speaks with The S.


V'nom was originally two creatures, a human called Korp Koros and an unknown venomous snake. It is known he was made right after Cobrai and before Undula and Ratt'l. V'nom proved to be very good in the training and so was accepted in the high ranks of Cobrai's army.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

V'nom is first seen capturing George Aigaigy and putting him above Glythe in the cages. The snake is later seen in the battle with the Good Shadows, capturing George, King Sammy, Splatter Baby, Tinybaby Zudian, and Keep Exin with Boomslay's help. However Splatter throws some baby food in Boomslay's face, allowing the babies to escape. V'nom is known to have survived the battle.

Battle between Reis's world and the GaleniansEdit

V'nom was first seen in the room with Pytholl when the second-in-command is questioning the Life God. When Reis's good gods crash through the roof Pytholl, V'nom, and Teprile defeat some of them. V'nom is also seen with Forketung and Cobrai as Mekodi dies.