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July 19, 2011
  • I live in Adralorn
  • My occupation is Empyrean Knight and King of the Caeglar
  • Whalee402

    Late last night, a milksnake known as Drape slithered into the basement of Sam's Tower and saw Orfeco Dreer, clearly bitten by a coral snake. For more info on Orfeco, call Drape. For info to Sam, call Sam.

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  • Whalee402

    Early this morning, the Exin family had disobeyed Deltius and Tyggell's orders and went onto Beep Beeps Road. Halfway through the road, they heard a rumbling noise. Thinking it was the Beep Beeps Snake, the Exins accidentally crashed into an ant. Of course, nothing happened to the car, but it was stuck in between two trees. Further investigation reveals the noise was Triggah Krump banging a drill against Deet Deets Road.

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  • Whalee402

    Driptsus Discovered!

    August 12, 2011 by Whalee402

    During a nighttime slither, Soner the Beep Beeps Snake met up with Viper Zolantas's special snake Zhorhorn. After a couple minutes, Zhorhorn revealed he was Soner's two-hundred-year-old best friend, Driptsus. More info on Driptsus goes to Soner or Viper.

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  • Whalee402

    Valtyn Sighting!

    August 9, 2011 by Whalee402

    A valtyn has been seen by Trilus Koh near his house, at midnight! It was digging underground in the direction of Keep Exin's house. Later, when Keep woke up, his house had been reduced to a small chunk of bricks and his toys and bed. Please report sightings of this valtyn to Tinybaby Zudian!

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  • Whalee402

    Hippo Attack

    August 1, 2011 by Whalee402

    Late last night, King Sammy was awakened by the noise of hippos! He jumped out of his new big boy bed, got up onto the Big Red Button, and saw several hippos running away with Awesomebaby Zudian and Baby Goan! If anybody has any ideas on getting them back, please comment!

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