Thistle is a Shadow Snake from Emi's world. He is


Other Names

Shadow of Iceworm


Good Shadows, Hippo Army, Baby Army, Eyes of Akor, Leccer Empire, the Ootagals, Human Cities, Seboan Kings, Living Lego Guys, Azurwronian Army, Grael Kraduki


Cion, Tarkanium, Hrobrine, Glado, Zillos, the Shadowy Hippo, Ajij Kraduki, Zidocovus, Glagg, Crimsonwrath, Ygrak, Vucaks, Anorbus Kraduki, Aiganonne Kraduki, Uijij Kraduki, Zijij and Gijij Kraduki, Evil Shadows, Firebeaks

Family Members

Iceworm, Vipero Zolantas, Ghrundie, Meckless, Meckless II, Zhorhorn, Soner, Cormos


Super Angry Mode, Super Shadow Angry Mode, Normal Mode, Angry Mode

Iceworm's shadow. He is, in Super Shadow Angry Mode, only less powerful to Emi's Life King and Mythonius. He has an army of Living Lego Guys from the Living Lego Guy Shop. He will appear in Hippo Story 5.

Angry ModeEdit

Thistle's angry mode causes his eyes to get redder. He will also grow legs and grow to fifteen feet long.

Super Angry ModeEdit

Thistle's super angry mode causes his eyes to get even redder. He will grow arms and horns, resembling a giant horned Snakindus. He grows to thirty-five feet.

Super Shadow Angry ModeEdit

This is Thistle's most powerful mode. His eyes will turn truly red and he will grow to eight hundred feet long. The only thing known to give Thistle super shadow angry mode is Hrobrine's Mountains, the Icicle Mountains healing him.

Battle of Alloszinn's TempleEdit

Thistle was not mentioned as much as usual in the Battle of Alloszinn's Temple, but he helped Dramitar out of the Ground Group's trap at the end.

Battle of IcewormEdit

Thistle helps wake up Lixie at the start, later helping Ilgix, Drage, Iceworm, and Lixie get Lixie's memory back from Andrew. He then escapes with Lixie during the Special Sand King's attack on Iceworm. It was in this game that it was revealed that he was being controlled and hates Iceworm.

Hippo Story 5Edit


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