Soner (the Beep Beeps Snake) is an unusually large Giant Emerald Snake. He lives underneath Beep Beeps Road of Sammy Game City. Beep Beeps Road ended up getting


Other Names

The Beep Beeps Snake, That Snakey, Leader Beepsus, Beepsus.


George Aigaigy, Splatter Baby, Tinybaby Zudian, Moliene, Sillybaby Zudian, Vipero Zolantas, Viper's Snakes, Gaboon, Zhorhorn, Whalee, Mommy, Cyrus, Adonix, Metry, Daddy, Akor, Golak, Alix, Aliz, Night, Meppely, Igloa, Ioa Akorius, Arkapella, Sitrun, Akor Akorius, Baby Army, Angi 3, Erig, Angi the Fourth, Allux Aldrossi


Trakkis Kraduki, Xega Melu, Cion, Tarkanium, Shadow Worms, Shadowy Hippo, Kopexus, Zillos, Anorbus Kraduki, Ajij Kraduki, Deltius, Tyggell, Evil Shadows, Aiganonne Kraduki, Zijij and Gijij Nupip Dolkose, Plujij Kraduki, Xal Dolkose, Whoggwhogg, Whalee Vindy, Vindy Whogg, Hippo Army, Moto Moto, Wams Kraduki, Tyglo Ropus, Trakkis Kraduki, Sammo Ultra, Anukiaun Gibot, Akakl, Sammo, LlamaLover, Xega Melu, Cion, Tarkanium, Shadow Worms, Shadowy Hippo, Kopexus, Zillos, Anorbus Kraduki, Ajij Kraduki, Deltius, Tyggell, Evil Shadows, Aiganonne Kraduki, Zijij and Gijij

Family Members


closed off due to reports of the snake leaping up and severely damaging cars.

Before the Books

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Soner was probably created from the Noobfork in the 1700's. He eventually found his way over to Zicovus Village, where he met his best friend, Driptsus. Soon after arriving, Soner overhears two zicovusses known as Drime and Pwek talking about Villethoste, a super-powerful Evil Shadow. Only several minutes after, Soner and Driptsus spy a black cloud moving towards the Village. All the zicovusses are hiding, but King Angi and his friend Angdreem remain. When Villethoste and his shadows arrive, Soner and Driptsus rush into Angi's hut and bring out a Giant Spellsword. Soner throws the sword in the middle of the Shadow group, causing them to angrily chase him and Driptsus underground. Driptsus grabs a Spellsword from another zicovus's hut and follows Soner underground.

Soner (front) and Zhorhorn in the Battle of Onys's Ruby.

Soner and Driptsus make a maze all around Portico to try to escape, and eventually Driptsus rubbed his Spellsword up against his and Soner's teeth. Now, with spell power in their teeth, they bite all the Evil Shadows and move through their maze. Soner comes up at the area of forest that will become Beep Beeps Road, while Driptsus ends up close to where Vipero Zolantas's house will be. Not anything is known about them until HS4 after this.

Hippo Story 4

King Sammy has his birthday party at Housie Vacation, his vacation house, on Read to Sam Road. Despite the warnings of the construction workers Deltius and Tyggell, he demands that Mommy takes the Beep Beeps Road way to Read to Sam Road. Soner jumps up from the road, but instead of attacking he warns the babies in the buses and minivans of the Evil Shadows attacking in October. He is seen again as a new recruit for the No Hippo Fighting Group brought in by Goan Alisk. He is also seen fighting the Shadows in the Battle of Onys's Ruby. It becomes friends with Vipero Zolantas, his snakes, and his special snake Zhorhorn. During the battle, Soner slithers up to Zhorhorn, and eventually Zhorhorn reveals that he was once Soner's best friend- Driptsus. Soner, now known as Beepsus, joins them. It has the same role in the HS4 movie, Babies and Hippos 2. In the the BH2 video game, he is unlocked as a playable character in the Sammy Game City level, but is not let into Housie Vacation.