The Silly Hippos' laser is a cloning machine from The Case of the Missing Shaky Ball. The Silly Hippos built it while Bomzoni, Bob, and several others went to the Big Blue Building to steal the Shaky Ball. Soon after the Ball was stolen, the babies walked into the room. Soon, the babies and the Ball were at the Silly Hippo HQ. After about an hour of exploring, the babies got into the Cloning Machine, where a Silly Hippo, with several others watching, launched the Cloning Beam. Trogol Ungitroky jumped forwards and got the Ball, but the beam hit his hand. Splatter Baby managed to get Trogol's hand, and the Ball, out. The beam traveled through the other tube, where it went through a hole in Utan Babypants's shirt, causing him to fall to the ground. Several babies picked him up and brought him to the Baby Hospital.

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