The Shadowy Darkbreather is a famous dragon from the island of Aectes. They have two tribes, the Chomus and the Chomari, and are sometimes considered to be more intelligent than humans.

Hippo Story 5Edit

While on Aectes, George, Grael Kraduki, and Tinybaby Zudian run across a hunting pack of Chomus Darkbreathers. George rushes forwards to attack, but a black-and-purple hippo on four legs pushes him backwards. The hippo, Xiducks Kraduki, orders the Chomus to bring George to the Aectesian Grasslands.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

A tribe of Darkbreathers, likely the Chodraines, a tribe from Sam's World, is glimpsed in Sammy's Blue World. One Chodraines notices Zemidae, however the three get into a Bop Shop before the Chodraines can attack.