Portico, originally known as Porticaol, is a Seboan Island and home to the Babies, Hippos, Jeks, Azurwronians, Leccers, Humans, Clovin Villdizses, and Sago's Empire. It is the main island in most books, including the Hippo Story series and the Before Beep Beeps Road series. It is the battlefield of the Hippo Story series.


The main landform is the Clovin Forest, home to the Firebeaks, Epic Nafonge, and many species of villdizs. The Trilius Mountains, now called Babby Mountains, surround Sago's empire. After Sago renamed the mountains, Akan zapped his empire with lightning, killing everybody. This left a huge crater that nobody likes to go near.

Sam vs. Hippos Adventures

It is the main location in all the

The outdated Portico map.

Sam vs. Hippos Adventures, including the Hippo Story Series and Sam and the Hippos Invade Galloway. Large chunks of it are torn off in Hippo Story 4, and the entire Ootagal Coast is torn off by Aiganonne in the last Hippo Story battle. However, that is the only major damage done to the Island during hippo battles.


In SMO&W, the four arrive at Portico in The Adventure at Sam's Kingdom. During the following battle, the forest behind The House, usually called Babytons Forest, is destroyed. There is no other time where the four explorers visit Portico.

Before Beep Beeps Road

It is also the main setting of Before Beep Beeps Road. BBBR shows how Porticaiol was in the 1800s, in the times of Soner and Angi. Porticaiol was, in that time, entirely forest except for the small villages.