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Plant Island Pelicans pennant

The Plant Island Pelicans are a SFL Football team from Worlds 3 located in Invyras, Isla Colletis. They have been very successful since the SFL began in 2010, beating the Arkolaga Leviathans for the 2011 Seboan Bowl and lost to the Aqualos Krakens in the 2013 Seboan Bowl. A different Plant Island Pelicans team competes in the Fraction Football League (FFL) where they advanced to the 2013 Super Bowl against the Buckhead Bouse Pickles. 

Seasons- SFLEdit

Season Record Playoffs? Home Field
2010 season 10-6 Yes, lost divisional round to Adthras Tivanari Colletis Field
2011 season 13-3 Yes, won Seboan Bowl II against Arkolaga Leviathans Colletis Field
2012 season 9-7 Yes, lost Round 1 against Adralorn Sentinels Colletis Field
2013 season 14-2 Yes, lost Seboan Bowl IV to Aqualos Krakens Colletis Field

== Seasons- FFL==

Season Record Playoffs? Home Field
2013 season 7-1 Yes, against Buckhead Bouse Pickles in Super Bowl VIII Colletis Field

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