Orfeco Dreer is a character from the Dragons of the Islands.

Orfeco Dreer

Other Names

Boat Driver


Vipero Zolantas, Dremenn, Iceworm, Ghrundie, Goan Alisk, King Sammy, Splatter Baby, George Aigaigy, Vidlion Xarkido, Snake X, Zhorhorn, Soner, Drivys Nharokk, Tinybaby Zudian, Keep Exin, Whalee, Emi, Thistle, Indus


Cormos, Xynthros, Plujij Kraduki, Nupip Dolkose, Jerafe, Wams Kraduki, Sammo, Hippo Empire

Family Members


He was a Sammy's Fighter and a driver of a car and boat. He is now Darkseed, the Pumpkin of Shadows.


Darkseed is Orfeco's second form. He is the Pumpkin of Shadows and the newest introduction to the Council of Pumpkins. He is the second-in-command to Clasicus and has a black head with a purple inside.

A Chrysophylax StoryEdit

In Orfeco's first appearance, he is first seen driving the Ocean Eye boat. As the No Zicovus-Fighting Group rushes up because of Chrysophylax's Blue Whalesnakes, Goan Alisk accidentally teleports Orfeco inside the basement of Sam's Tower. He soon encounters Iceworm, Cormos, Ghrundie, Meckless, and many more. After a short fight, Cormos bites him with the deadly poison of the coral snake. He is later revived by Sammy's antivenom.

The Darkseed BookEdit

Battle of Castle TraigianEdit

Orfeco Dreer was a main character in the game "Battle of Castle Traigian." After the albino Big Hole Indus left, Orfeco ran out of the No Zicovus-Fighting Group crowd and drove a swordspear into Xynthros's back. Continuing to ride Xynthros, Orfeco tries to drive him into a spiked wall. Seeing what Orfeco was doing, Xynthros leaned forwards as he hit the spiked wall, also making sure to hit him with his tail with Red V2 poison. Orfeco is flung off off the snake. Tinybaby Zudian and Drivys Nharokk drive him to Miltrayne's hospital while Thistle finds Afonos's old machines. The N.Z.F.G, their snakes, and Thistle stay with Orfeco at the hospital, but are pushed back by Alleg as Dremenn moves Orfeco to the Viant. Later, Dremenn comes back up, reporting that the poison had killed Orfeco.

Battle of Daddy's WorldEdit

The Great WarEdit