This is a list of all the obstacles in OID8's SamLand obbies.

Sneak out of the Baby Empire- BabyvilleEdit

Lava in Cyrus's House!

Babies in Lava!

Goan's House!

Hippo Attack!

Marlo Wants Your Toys!

Baby Guards!

Sneak out of the Baby Empire- SamtownEdit

Kingdom Street!

BBB Maze!

Sektrix Attack!

Dodge the Babies in Sam's Tower!

Parachute from Sam's Tower!

Get into the House!

Football Stadium!

Run from Plujij!

Find Aluso's Flying Box!

Sneak out of the Baby Empire- Dragon KingdomsEdit

Hippos in the Dragon Kingdoms!

Get Past the Angry Dragon!

Aluso's Wizard School Maze!

Find the Right Dragon!

Fly to Ingus!

Escape Ingus's Snakes!

Sneak out of the Baby Empire- Sammy Game CityEdit


Beep Beeps Road!

Find the Right Bananas!

Get Fizzy Tub Colors!

Police Officers!

Get to the Alligator Place!

Alligator Jumps!


Get Wummy Food!

Get to Housie Vacation!

Viper Got You Out!

Sneak out of the Hippo EmpireEdit

Plujij's Room!

Which Crown?

Hippo Staircase!

Find the Key!

You Have to Print Something!

Get Past Xybmoz!

Which Weaponmaker?

The Xal Shop!

Get Through Xal's Computer Game!

Whalee's Shop!

Get your Spots Painted!

Escape the Shop!


Get Past the Hippos!

Back to Whalee's!

Up to Your Room!

You're in Tyglo's Room!

Parachute out of Tyglo's Room!

Fight Plujij!