Lixie is a villainous Coral snake from Whalee and Emi's playground games at


Other Names

Iceworm Two


Thistle, Emi, Special Sand King


Vipero Zolantas, Thoog, Hrobrine, Andrew, Drage, Iceworm, No Zicovus Fighting Group, Ilgix, No Zicovus Fighting Group's Snakes, Whalee



school. Her memory was taken away by Thoog. She has appeared in one game so far, the Battle of Iceworm.

The Battle of IcewormEdit

Lixie was discovered by Vipero Zolantas behind a tree on the edge of Clovin Forest, appearing to be dead. When Emi sticks a needle in the snake's tail, she wakes up, sick, and frames Viper for taking away her memory, getting suspicion from the N.Z.F.G's snakes. Later, it is revealed that Thoog took away her memory and Andrew made Viper take away more memory and make her sick at the trap known as the VDX Hospital. Drage hops out of nowhere and starts trying to eat Andrew, causing Lixie, Ilgix, Iceworm, and Thistle to try and help too. After Andrew was driven away, Lixie remembers her name and reveals her true intentions trying to replace Iceworm as the main Coral snake in Whalee's world. Iceworm tries to kill Lixie, but the Special Sand King appears and kills Iceworm using Special Sand. Thistle had escaped with Lixie during the Special Sand King's attack.

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