Likos is the largest Thundaris, at twice the size of a jet plane.


Other Names



Hrobrine, Cion, Evil Shadow Army, Zillos, Medeus, Tronium, Tarkanium, Shadowy Hippo, Noobietooth, Failien, Kopexus, Xyroceres


Miltrayne, Baby Army, Ectin, Allegro, Shadon, Zemidae, L'vant, Glacier, Drage, Cyclopes, Baby Leader

Family Members


He was the leader of the Thundaris army of the Evil Shadow Army, but was eventually made good by Zemidae. He is hated more than anybody else by Reis's baby dragons.

Battle at L'vant's MountainsEdit

At L'vant's Mountains, Likos flew through the mountains, killing most of the Cyclopes and dragons. Upon getting to Mt. Zemid, L'vant runs out to protect the babies, cutting off one of Likos's claws. Likos pecks his beak down at L'vant, cutting the dragon in half. Likos then continues flying through the mountains.

Battle at the Tellus MuseumEdit

Likos, now with Medeus, Noobietooth, Tronium, Failien, and the rest of the Thundari, is racing towards the Tellus Museum, trying to get there before the Good Army. When Likos gets there, he pulls up a tree and bangs it at the Good Army. Him and Medeus fly through the roof with some Evil Shadows, killing many people at the museum. At the end of the battle, Miltrayne tricks Likos by, when Evil Shadows shoot at her, she jumps and the shadowblast hits Likos instead. Finally, Likos is defeated and hidden in the sky by the Special Sand King. Likos was taken out of the sky after Special Sand was banned from Alloszinn's worlds.

The Great WarEdit

At the first battle of the Great War, Likos, Medeus, Tronium, Failien, and Noobietooth are fighting Zemidae. Zemidae grabs a Goodagger and stabs Likos in the head with it. That causes Likos to become good, letting Zemidae hop on his back. Zemidae and Likos fly at Tronium, clawing his wings off. Medeus was the only one who escaped. Also, Medeus took the Goodagger out of Likos, causing him to shake Zemidae off.