Lekis was a zicovus from the Hippo Army. He had blue


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spots and was possibly a Punishment Director.

Before the BooksEdit

Possibly during the events of Hippo Story 2 or Hippo Story 3, Lekis and Whotsius caught Caeglinarol Inthaerion spying on the Hippos. They asked Plujij for permission to bring her to the Punishment Whirlpool. The Hippos did, but later saw Caeglin swimming back. Lekis attempted to put down ropes to grab her, but a baby helicopter flew over and blasted them with lasers.

Hippo Story 4Edit

In Hippo Story 4, Lekis appears in Housie Vacation. He, along with Detryg, were fighting possibly Awesomebaby Zudian on the porch. However, Vipero Zolantas appeared in the forest, and his snakes started attacking Lekis and Detryg, much to Viper and Zhorhorn's disappointment. After the snake cloud left, Lekis and Detryg were left on the floor of the porch, unconscious but still alive.