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The Kiop Shadowlands is an island in the Mannersian System. It and Biland are the only Mannersian islands that have not been taken over by the Manners. Although it has not had any book appearances, through it has been revealed that it will have an appearance in Seboan Stories Volume 1 and get its own book called The Sign of Clov.

Seboan Stories Volume 1Edit

It is created in Igneo, Metus, and Mentary's story. According to Mekodi Seboa, after the building of Akino Igneo created Kragonia and the Shadowlands with spare obsidian.

The Sign of ClovEdit

Although nothing is known about the Sign of Clov so far, it can be assumed that it will be on Kiop as a Spiderman known as Clov lives on the island.

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