King Sammy
Whalee Camera July 2011 014

Other Names

King, Wammerton, Deetsies, Wammo, King, Sam


George Aigaigy, Splatter Baby, Tinybaby Zudian, Moliene, Sillybaby Zudian, Whalee, Mommy, Cyrus, Adonix, Metry, Daddy, Akor, Golak, Alix, Aliz, Night, Meppely, Igloa, Ioa Akorius, Arkapella, Sitrun, Akor Akorius, Baby Army, Angi 3, Erig, Angi the Fourth, Quajij Kraduki, Aldros, Allos Aldrossi, Aluso Darkclaw, Allux Aldrossi, PropelBottle Darkclaw


Nupip Dolkose, Plujij Kraduki, Cion, Tarkanium, Anorbus Kraduki, Xal Dolkose, Whoggwhogg, Whalee Vindy, Vindy Whogg, Zillos, The Shadowy Hippo, Hippo Army, Moto Moto, Wams Kraduki, Tyglo Ropus, Trakkis Kraduki, Sammo Ultra, Anukiaun Gibot, Akakl, Sammo, Jerafe, LlamaLover, Xega Melu, Evil Shadows, Zijij and Gijij Kraduki, Aiganonne Kraduki, Meludius, Green-Eyed Shadows, Vornmorius, Inforius, Firebeaks, Zidocovus

Family Members

Whalee, Mommy, Daddy, Cyrus, Genna Caeglin


Hippo Story 4, temporarily by Xal

King Sammy (born July 29th, 2008) is the main character in the Hippo Story, SMO&W, and My Baby Brother books. He is the leader of the Baby Army and, throughout the series, the main enemy of Trakkis, Plujij, and Tyglo. He has appeared in all the Pretend Woreld books. His best friends are George Aigaigy and Splatter Baby. He has three SamLand accounts, known as SamLand, HappySam, and KingSammy.

Hippo Story

In the first hippo story, Nupip attempts to run off with a small Sammy. Soon, the King's brother Whalee runs out to help and blows his whistle so the annoying Yippy Dogs start chasing Nupip away.