Karnon was the first Onhakk created by Cobrai, Pytholl, and V'nom. He is the

Karnon (far left) with Onell and Mekodi

Other Names

Venor, Onhakk of Venom


Onell, Mekodi, Cobrai, Pytholl, V'nom, Forketung, Liepos


Hrobrine, Tarkanium, Evil Shadow Army, Shadowy Hippo, Liepos, Alloszinn, Traigus, Seboan Kings, all good armies

Family Members

Onell, Mekodi, Pytholl, Cobrai, V'nom

Onhakk of venom and the leader of the three. He, according to Cobrai, is nearly as powerful as Liepos. Onell, Mekodi, and him have completed two missions since creation. He was created using venom from all the Serpentinite combined. He owns the Venom Staff.

Quest to Take Over Hrobrine's MountainsEdit

Karnon's first quest, given by Liepos, was to take over Hrobrine's Mountains and bring Onell and Mekodi with him. Karnon at first declined, but after Liepos blasted him was forced to accept. Karnon disguised him and the other Onhakk as Evil Shadows to get through the guards. Their disguises were soon knocked off by a detector, causing Hrobrine, Tarkanium, and Shadowy Hippo to attack. Karnon sliced at Hrobrine's wings with his claws, causing them to fall off. The Onhakk then infected him with poison and turned to Tarkanium as Mekodi killed the Shadowy Hippo. Tarkanium soon runs out of energy fighting the Onhakk and is captured. The Onhakk, now with Hrobrine captured, bring him back to Liepos.

Quest to Destroy Alloszinn's Sky PalaceEdit

Liepos next sent the Onhakk to destroy Alloszinn's sky palace with Cobrai. Karnon, when they arrive, starts duelling Alloszinn and Traigus. Karnon defeats Traigus but needs Cobrai's help to take down Alloszinn. Karnon and Onell start burning the palace, causing the Seboan Kings to get out. Karnon, as him and his team leave, infects Dolyk with poison.