Jerafe is a Hippo Army member that usually appears as a random hippo. He has gone on plenty of African safaris before and will probably go on one in Hippo Story 5. His name is meant to be like "giraffe".


Other Names



Nupip Dolkose, Plujij Kraduki, Xal Dolkose, Whoggwhogg, Whalee Vindy, Vindy Whogg, Hippo Army, Moto Moto, Wams Kraduki, Tyglo Ropus, Trakkis Kraduki, Sammo Ultra, Anukiaun Gibot, Akakl, Sammo, LlamaLover, Xega Melu


George Aigaigy, Splatter Baby, Tinybaby Zudian, Moliene, Sillybaby Zudian, Whalee, Mommy, Cyrus, Adonix, Metry, Daddy, Akor, Golak, Alix, Aliz, Night, Meppely, Igloa, Ioa Akorius, Arkapella, Sitrun, Akor Akorius, Baby Army, Angi 3, Erig, Angi the Fourth, Allux Aldrossi

Family Members

Whotsius (possibly), Detryg (possibly), Phwailey (possibly),

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