Ilbo the Blue Guy

Isn't Chuggington the name of an island, Chugs?

— Ilbo to Chugs, My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World

Ilbo is a Blue Guy from My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World. He works with an unidentified blue guy and Chugs. He owns a sword and seems to have the job of cracking the roof for Chugs to break. He seems to be smarter than Chugs, as when Chugs mentions his hammer Chuggington Ilbo remarks that Chuggington is the name of an island.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

Ilbo first appears in MASBW waking up Villy Leafman along with Chugs. As Villy defeats the unidentified blue guy and gets chased by Chugs, Ilbo escapes. As he escapes, Ilbo might appear in another book.