Make sure to tell Vandarok Glyptus I'm a villdizs- oh wait, Glyptus is dead.

— Hrobrine to King Sammy, Hippo Story 5

Hrobrine is the Seboan King of Evil and one of the villdizs


Other Names

Herobrine, King of Evil


Cion, Trakkis Kraduki, Tarkanium, Kopexus, Ajij Kraduki, Zijij and Gijij Kraduki, Zidocovus, Glagg, Aiganonne Kraduki, Zillos, the Shadowy Hippo, Crimsonwrath, Vucaks, Anorbus Kraduki, Uijij Kraduki, Glado, Uijij Kraduki, Vild Kraduki, Whotsius, Xega Melu


Everyone else

Family Members


Kings. He, along with Cion and Trakkis Kraduki, lead the Army of Evil. He is disguised as "Herobrine," a figure with black hair and white eyes. However, he is truly a quite evil villdizs- huge bat wings, glowing white eyes, greenish skin, and large claws. He first appears in That Headphones Story, in his disguise. He first truly appears in a later Hippo Story.

Before the BooksEdit

Hrobrine, along with Inneus, Mekodi, Alloszinn, Kuriri, Igromound, Ackron, Ratim, and Mitar, was one of the first Kings. He, however, was different from the rest. He left the Islands and created his own world, Hrobrine's Mountains. He soon creates Evil Shadows, Valtyns, Big Hole subspecies, and other things on the Noobfork. Now, with better allies, Hrobrine attempts to start a war with the other Kings, all of which were formed by now. Just when he was going to attack, zicovusses joined his army. During his attack, Nemeyell, Mitar, and Ackron started fighting him. After defeating them, he starts fighting Alloszinn, turning into his ultimate form. However, Alloszinn is too powerful and while sending the good creatures after Hrobrine's army, tears off Hrobrine's wings and horns. Hrobrine later reforms with his hurt army at the Mountains.

Hippo Story 4Edit

Although it is not known, Hrobrine is the true villain in the Hippo Stories. He sends the Evil Shadows after the Babies and Hippos, causing the Battle of Onys's Ruby.

Hippo Story SeriesEdit

It is unknown what Hrobrine does after HS4.

Hrobrine in his disguise, stealing Onilion's emerald.

That Headphones Story (book)Edit

Hrobrine disguises himself as Herobrine and sells Vandarok Glyptus some headphones, where he starts hearing some of Hrobrine's alien villdizses wanting to capture Wingon and save the Vine, a possible name for their home planet. Soon, the alien villdizes manage to take Strigalis Glyptus and arrive at Vandarok's house. At the end, it's revealed that he even has Varaxtone fooled into believing he is a baby army member. Hrobrine bursts into the house, and fools Strigalis, Vandarok, and Varaxtone into believing he was innocent. He makes up a completely fake story about his villdizs Tyg dropping the headphones on his house. The Vine was also just another name for Hrobrine's Mountains.