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The Green Sword in Whalee's Pocket Room.

A Green Sword is a weapon created by Drondis. It has powerful poison on the blade. It has been advertised by Zombyx many times, and its ads all say "Defeats Vild, Sam, and more!" A stolen Green Sword was given to Whalee by Noobily Noobnoob. Whalee's Green Sword is now sitting next to his Robotic Sam's shaky ball. It is based off the Green Sword Weapon from SamLand.

Known OwnersEdit

Drondis Chrarr

Zombyx Norosis

Zuugish Maltus (possibly)


Noobily Noobnoob

Whalee's Robotic Sam (possibly)

Xybmoz (possibly)

Googon Drawpys (possibly)

Klooyns Meladike (possibly)

King Sammy (possibly

George Aigaigy (possibly)

Splatter Baby (possibly)