Green Guy is a famous teaching train from the island of Chuggington. He appeared in two games, Genesis Battle and the George Aigaigy Running Race before being destroyed by Drages in the Udovia di Galena. He taught Red Train, Bluester, Da, and Hoot and Tootie.

Genesis BattleEdit

Green Guy was mentioned by Plantir as he fought the Element Dragon. Later, he came to bring Illibo back to Alloszinn's sky palace.

George Aigaigy Running RaceEdit

Green Guy enters the race and does fairly well in the Islands segment. He nearly falls off the bridge into the Karos di Galena, but Sammy and Teene rescue him as they had tried to do for Frost Gatorade. Green Guy, Lonn Drages, and Tarpilla Noobz later arrive in the Minotaur Room. Green Guy chooses the right door to go through, but Drages opens the incorrect door unleashing the Minotaur Army on the Udovia. Green Guy and Tarpilla slay most of them, but Drages kills them in turn.