Forketung is a green Serpentinite known for his habit of sticking his tongue out.

Forketung in Lego Liepos
Vital statistics
Title Assistant of Cobrai
Kind of Snake Green Dragerokisi
Color Lime Green
Weapons Venom, small snakes
Drage Scale Power 4
Human Zorno Drages
Status Alive
Location Serpentinite Island

He is Cobrai's assistant. His name is a play on "forked tongue", also referencing his unique habit. He was originally a Green Dragerokisi snake.


Forketung was originally a Green Dragerokisi snake and a human called Zorno Drages. However Akari Plantir soon came across the dead snake and the dead Zorno, bringing them to Liepos. Liepos summoned the newly formed Cobrai to help him turn the dead bodies into Forketung. Cobrai soon accepted Forketung as his assistant.

Battle for the Grimbuxss AlloeEdit

Forketung, along with several other Serpentinite and some Galenians, was sent to the Kocago Cave to guard the Grimbuxss Alloe. Cobrai and his assistant soon captured Dramitar Zildenbolt, who they brought down to the lower level. Cobrai let Forketung kill him while the leader ran up to fight. Forketung was later seen fighting Dolyk.

Battle between Reis's worlds and the GaleniansEdit

Forketung is seen with Cobrai, Pytholl, and V'nom at the end when Mekodi dies.