The Drake is a giant earth dragon from L'vant's world. He guards Mt. Orfeco,


Other Names

L'vantian Drake, The Dragon, Great Guard, L'vantian Dragon


Zemidae, L'vant, Iceworm, Drage, Allos Aldrossi, Aluso Darkclaw, Dramitar Zildenbolt


Arkapella, Splatter Baby, George Aigaigy, Ioa Akorius, Xyroceres, Chugs

Family Members


where the spirit of Orfeco Dreer and the best drakite reside. The Drake appears in My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World and Hippo Story 5. He is known as the best guard dragon in the worlds, and could even defeat Xyroceres. His name is similar to Drage, one of the other L'vantian dragons.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

Drage, Iceworm, and the Drake were sent out to find Zemidae and Dramitar Zildenbolt in Sam's world. The Drake ends up finding them at the hotel in Splatterville, after Villy Leafman trapped Chugs. The Drake notices that they

The Drake scene in Dramitar Zildenbolt Adventures, as it would appear out of the Blue World.

are all wearing some stuff from Villy, and as the dragon does not trust Villy attempts to attack. As the hotel falls to the ground Zemidae remarks the Drake had never acted like that before. Zemidae then rips off his shirt and makes the Drake go back to Iceworm and Drage.

Hippo Story 5Edit

The first place out of Portico that George looks for Sammy in is L'vant's Mountains. He also brings Splatter Baby and Allos Aldrossi, who actually met up with them halfway there while on a plane. When they arrive they instantly notice the Drake, who George thinks is guarding Sam. The Drake roars at George and Splatter, however

The Drake (right) fights a full-grown Arkapella.

lets Allos through. The Drake starts attacking the Babies, who have no chance against the giant dragon. Just as the Drake is about to eat the Babies, and Allos as the dragon decided he is trying to steal drakite, Ioa Akorius flies in on Arkapella. Arkapella and the Drake start fighting, giving the Babies, Allos, and Ioa a chance to escape.