Clarack is the largest Island and an Argolian Island, now known as a North Seboan island. Although it holds a famous record, it barely appears at all in the books because the Argolians are never visited. However, it is mentioned a couple times throughout the series. However, in New Worlds it is the main island and the only base left for Good.

Hippo Story 4Edit

It is revealed in HS4 that Splatter Baby comes from Clarack. Sammy asks him if he remembers any fighting tips from the Island, but Splatter does not.

Seboan Stories Volume 1Edit

Clarack is featured in Alloszinn's story. Lyctus, mentioned at the start of the book, comes from Clarack and was the first to see Alloszinn fall to Earth. Ratim's story also takes place on the Island, but neither time is Clarack mentioned by name.

The Darkseed BookEdit

Clarack is mentioned by Argin in the Darkseed Book. However, there seems to be no reason Argin mentions it until the third story, where Darkseed tells a dying Valin Kohlus that the villdizs comes from Clarack.

New WorldsEdit

The most prominent feature of Clarack is the Twin Cities, Arken Zirrh and Travikoris. New Worlds features heavily these cities and their warriors, such as Cylwen, Theryll, and Evarlor. Almost all Quests Cylwen and Theryll go on, but Clarack is barely visited (exception being the Travikoris quest) until the Sword of Shadows quest. In this quest, after failing to get the Sword of Shadows, Theryll and his group tell Iroken, king of Zirrh. At that time Karkan Draketooth and the Goblins attack, leading to a siege. In the Umbral Realm quest, the philosopher Indoken creates a portal to the Umbral Realm with Dragonspyrian runes. Theryll comes back to Clarack telling Indoken that Arkor-Kolas has grown even more powerful. At the end Vortidark, the original Lord of Goblins, is defeated and Zirrh's siege is ended. Travikoris also takes part, wounding many such as Karkan and Austridark.

The Final Battle also takes place near Arken Zirrh. Arkor-Kolas himself arrives at Zirrh, but the Travikorans, Empyreans, and all other Good soldiers come. A huge battle ensues, resulting in Arkor-Kolas's defeat and Clarack in ruins. A year after that, in the next questline, Clarack is now the home to the Hippos mainly and some of the Babies. The hippo ruler is Tyglo, and the Babies' leaders are King Whalee and Queen Caeglin to their Empyrean allies. It focuses heavily on Arkor-Kolas's return. Theryll and Cylwen were on vacation in Akino when this happens, so the Baby Leaders must join the Quest Team.

The next questline is currently mostly unknown.