Chugs the Blue Guy

Chugs will get you! Chuggington blow up you!

— Chugs to Villy Leafman, My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World

Chugs is a Blue Guy from My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World. He owns a hammer named Chuggington and seems to be the leader of a group of blue guys. He thinks he invented the word "chuggington", and so it can be guessed he is not very intelligent as there is an island named Chuggington.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

Chugs's only appearance is in MASBW, where he, Ilbo, and an unidentified Blue Guy banged on the roof of a hotel in Splatterville. Villy Leafman was woken up by the noise and found the Blue Guys on the roof. Villy easily defeats the unidentified one, while Chugs chased him into the room. Villy stuffs Chugs in a drawer, creates a lock and a key, takes Chuggington and locks the drawer.