Chuggington is the name of a hammer formerly owned by Chugs, then by Villy Leafman, and now by Weeder. It is, as some fans think, not named after the island Chuggington but is named after Chugs.

My Adventure in Sammy's Blue WorldEdit

It is first seen being used by Chugs to bang on the roof of the Splatterville hotel. After Villy Leafman traps Chugs, he takes Chuggington and puts it in his weapon belt. It is next seen as a distraction when Villy, Dramitar Zildenbolt, and Zemidae are fighting Weeder. Villy uses it to bang on Weeder's head, giving Dramitar enough time to shoot a lightning bolt at Weeder's leg. The bolt causes Villy to fly off, giving Weeder the hammer.