A Blue Guy

A Blue Guy is a kind of creature from Sam's World. The Guys were the first things in the World and so are viewed as the main part, along with the blue birds. All Blue Guys seem to have a habit of banging on the tops of buildings to take stuff. Blue Guys appear in My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World, many random ones seen at different times and three main ones- Chugs, Ilbo, and the unidentified blue guy. A blue guy leader named Percy who lives in Sammy Game City is mentioned by Sammy in Hippo Story 4, showing that several Guys live in Sammy Game City.


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Chugs is a Blue Guy Leader and the leader of the group of Blue Guys in My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World. He owns a hammer named Chuggington and seems to be quite unintelligent even for a Blue Guy.


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Ilbo is another Blue Guy from My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World. He is the only one that escapes from Villy Leafman and as he is quite intelligent it is likely he becomes a Leader after his escape. He owns an unnamed sword.

Unidentified blue guyEdit

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This blue guy is the most minor Guy from My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World. Not that much is known about him. He was easily defeated by Villy Leafman, as he seems to be a new recruit and does not own a weapon.


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Percy is never seen in books, although is mentioned twice. In Hippo Story 4 he is mentioned as the leader of the Blue Guys while Sammy talks about his world to George and Splatter. He is also mentioned as "the leader" by Chugs in My Adventure in Sammy's Blue World.