Soner, the Beep Beeps Snake, who lives underneath Beep Beeps Road.

Beep Beeps Road is the road named after beep beeps, a Noying, in Sammy Game City. It runs parallel to Deet Deets Road and is a way to the Sammy Game City Library. Using Beep Beeps Road is one of the quickest ways to get to Housie Vacation, King Sammy's vacation house. It has recently been closed off due to the Beep Beeps Snake, but, despite warnings of construction workers, you still can go on it. In the end of HS4, Beep Beeps Road is reopened, as the workers realize the snake was only trying to warn people of the Battle of Onys's Ruby approaching. There is a Beep Beeps Road part of the Sammy Game City level in the Babies and Hippos 2 Video Game.

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