The Babies or Baby Army are the two names for King Sammy's army. Baby territory covers most of south Portico. The Baby cities are Babyville, Samtown, Sammy Game City, and the Dragon Kingdoms. The Babies are enemies with the Hippos and fight them all the time.

Known BabiesEdit

King Sammy

Baby Army


King Sammy


Eyes of Akor, Good Shadows, Myanos, Sago's Empire, Humans, Azurwronians, Ootagals, Monsters


Hippos, Evil Shadows, Crimsonians, Jeks, Jeeks

George Aigaigy

Tinybaby Zudian

Siilybaby Zudian

Zeemokorius No

Baby Kolsus


Allux Aldrossi

Boxtrapper Boxes

Baby Preston

Meano Coolcons

Meanie Coolcons

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