Arcon is a famous mineral used by the Galenians and mined on Serpentinite Island and several other places. Its name comes from the Amloan word "arhakk", meaning "sleep". Arcon is considered the second most dangerous mineral, second to konhe. The most abundant source of arcon known is the Arcon Pits. Arcon is well known for its ability to instantly dissolve living creatures unless that creature is wearing galenite on the spot where the arcon hits.


Arcon is quite soft with a hardness of 2.5. It has no magnetism, a metallic luster, and a white streak. Its dissolving properties are because of the elements/minerals lomar, konhe, and hrobrinium being inside of it.


Arcon barely ever occurs in nature, the only abundant known source being the Arcon Pits. Small amounts are occaisonally found in bohrite and aigaisis, but quite rarely. It also occurs in medium amounts with sulfur, galenite, and hrobrinium.