Aliz is an Elf Owl and an Eye of Akor. She enjoys darting


Other Names



Adonix, Akor, Golak, Night, Mellex, Ciluse, Metry, Erig, King Sammy, George Aigaigy, Splatter Baby, Baby Army, Soner, Zhorhorn, Vipero Zolantas, No Zicovus-Fighting Group, Iceworm


Zidocovus, Cion, Tarkanium, Vucaks, Glagg, Ygrak, Zillos, the Shadowy Hippo, Kopexus, Evil Shadows, Firebeaks

Family Members


around her enemies as Alix flies in to attack. She is actually fairly powerful, with great dagger skills. She is the first Eye of Akor introduced.

Hippo Story 4

As Aliz is an Elf Owl, she managed to sneak over to Aranxon Darkfire, fooling Erig into believing she was being burned by Aranxon's shadow fire. Aliz dived down and grabbed a dropped sword and shield, most likely Tinybaby Zudian's. Aliz successfully throws the sword at Aranxon. Then, the Elf Owl dodged a shadowblast from Aranxon, noticing Alix had arrived. Then, both of the owls started singing Xal Dolkose's song Little Little Baby. Then, Aliz dodged another shadowblast, causing it to hit a hippo. Aliz managed to cut off a bit of Aranxon's horn, but then flew to Alix, who was hurt by Spoorr, as he and Zitxox had flown in. Aliz then continued fighting, but was growing weaker. Finally, after Vild Kraduki arrived, both Elf Owls managed to escape. She later arrives to fight in the Battle of Onys's Ruby.