Akino is one of the Main Three islands. The Island is home to Seboan Kings Igromound, Igneo, and Aenominin and is slightly smaller than Portico. Akino is known for its crazy laws- you have to go to a police station and talk for half an hour to even kill an ant. It is very close to Jeromecia and Whaleland.

Hippo Story 2

Although it isn't mentioned, it is likely Whalee and Envylas used it to get to Jeromecia.

Hippo Story 5

George, Agius Nizen, Noobily NoobNoob, and Tinybaby Zudian go to Akino to talk to Aenominin and Igromound. They manage to get to Aenominin, but the King does not know where King Sammy is hidden. Noobily ruins their plan, however, by making Superbaby noises and sticking an ant on a stick. The police and the villdizs Argin arrive, Argin knocking the police cars out of the way. Argin instantly knocks out Tinybaby with a tentacle, causing George to rush to his aid. Noobily and Agius, however, are gotten by Argin. Argin squeezes Noobily to death and escapes with Agius. No damage was done to the island.

Seboan Stories Volume 1

In SSV1, the first story to appear on Akino is Vindy Oos's. In it, Argin and Zilone attack the Island, knocking a rock onto Igromound. Vindy Oos arrives and uses a crossbow on the villdizses. He hits Zilone in the eye, but Argin takes his bow and snaps it in half. Vindy Oos takes out the Earth Shaker sword and smacks Argin with it. The force of the sword causes a crack to appear in the ground, swallowing Argin up. In Aenominin's story, the Plant King and Metus argue over who gets to have a forest. The last Akino story is the creation of Akino by Igneo, Metus, and Mentary.