September-October 2011 Whalee 003

Drolmp (far left) was a snake from Agonlil.

Agonlil is a Main Three island. It is the only island to be visited more than once in SMO&W and the only one besides Aectes to have such a variety of environments. Its largest areas are Lavaland and the Freezing Mountain Range. It also has a forest, a desert, and some shadowlands. It is the main setting of the only Dragons of the Islands book and the only major/main island to not appear in the Hippo Story Series.

Hippo Story 4

It is mentioned by Cion in the Battle of Onys's Ruby as one of the places the Babies could go after their "defeat".

Hippo Story 5

George Aigaigy was going to go there to search for Sam after Aectes, but he found his king on Aectes and so didn't have to go.

The Land of the Ice Giants

The first SMO&W book took place on Agonlil. Sion (disguised as Commander Cion) sent Sammy out to capture Ice Giants Ki, Kai, and Seboan king Kaloro. Sammy, with the help of Muro, captures the Giants and King. Soon after Sammy leaves, Cion and Hrobrine arrive and scold Sion for not killing Sammy.

Lavaland- The Adventure

In the second Agonlil book, Sam and Muro discover the Seboan king Kuiri was angry with Odeskas for seemingly no reason. Sam and Muro set out, but during an EvilCreature attack Sammy slices a cave through Kuiri's mountain. At the end of the cave a Kocagotoon ambushes them. Unlike with the EvilCreature, Muro and Sam are unable to defeat it and get past. Then they find Kuiri, guarded by EvilCreatures, Kocagotoons, and Dracagonarious. Sam and Muro get past the guards and Kuiri lets himself get captured.

A Chrysophylax Story

Chrysophylax the Fire Dragon is on the Island attacking Lavaland. The No-Zicovus Fighting Group goes there on the Ocean Eye boat, but encounters Drolmp. They escape the snake by sticking a dagger up his head and destroying a volcano. They manage to defeat Chrysophylax and leave the island.

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