Agolok was a Lava Snake from Lavaland. His brother was Lavan.


Other Names



Vipero Zolantas, Emi, Whalee, Dramitar, Vidlion Xarkido, Iceworm, Soner, Tiglo Zal, Drivys Nharokk, Goan Alisk, Ingus, Zhorhorn, Ghrundie, Cormos, Seboan King warriors


Cion, Hrobrine, Evil Shadow Army, Anorbus Kraduki, Curtain, Hrobrine warriors, Ajij Kraduki, Kopexus, Zillos, Tarkanium, Shadowy Hippo, Zijij and Gijij Kraduki, Meckless, Meckless Two, Aiganonne Kraduki, Uijij Kraduki

Family Members



Curtain, Battle of Alloszinn's Temple

He was fairly minor and one of the few snakes to never join Vipero Zolantas. He was Curtain's enemy.

Battle of Alloszinn's TempleEdit

Agolok made his last appearance at the Battle of Alloszinn's Temple, where during the first part of the battle Curtain led a couple Hrobrine Warriors over to fight Agolok and Lavan. Agolok managed to defeat three of them, but Curtain managed to shake him off, then killing Lavan with a shadowblast. Agolok, angered, ran towards the evil Seboan warrior. Curtain, using his Hrobrine strength, tore Agolok in half. Curtain was later killed by Dramitar.

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