Ziqui, an Arcalanite that visited Aectes.

Aectes is a large Seboan Island, the 6th largest island. It is sometimes put in the Main Islands category with Agonlil, Portico, and Akino, but usually not. It has two stories to itself- Aectesian History and Aectes. Aector, a Monster, lives here. It is also known for Akues, the Placcodus, Kalios, and King Berries.

Hippo Story 5

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George's final attempt to figure out where King Sammy is leads him, Tinybaby Zudian, and Fog seer Grael Kraduki to Aectes. They are ambushed in the Aectes Desert by Argin, Zilone, and Hrobrine himself. Hrobrine tells George that he had taken the captured babies Splatter, Sammy, and Agius Nizen from the Firebeaks and waited for their allies to arrive. Grael punches Hrobrine in the face, long enough for George and Tinybaby to unlock their friends' cage. Sammy runs at Argin, but the villdizs easily captures him and brings him to Hrobrine. Hrobrine throws him at Tinybaby and Agius, causing Grael, George, and Splatter to jump on the Evil King. Argin and Zilone pick off George and Splatter, but Grael kicks Hrobrine into Zilone. Grael gets the Babies into their cage, summons the Eyes of Akor, and stays at Aectes.

Aectesian History

This presentation tells the history of Aectes, from its forming watched by Airloin to the Island becoming a national park. This is one of the shortest World Books, at only four or five pages long.


Aectes is the first book in the Ziqui Series, which takes place on Aectes. Airinite had accidentally set Aector loose in Aectesian Grassland, and he sent Ziqui to get him. Ziqui meets Muro and Ainsimo, who both help him in and out of the Mountain of the Placcodus. Ziqui and Ainsimo eventually came to a village of evil red Odeskas, and an Air Kalio helped them away. Then the dragons met EvilCreatures, but Ziqui scared them off. Then finally they meet Mekodi Seboa, who tells them where Aector is. They find Aector and make the Monster perform tricks once a month.