Aconda is a large purple Serpentinite and the former Leader of Serpentinite Island.

Vital statistics
Title Former Leader of the Serpentinite
Kind of Snake Serpentinite
Color Purple
Weapons Poison sword, venom, staff, Ultimate Snake Staff (formerly)
Drage Scale Power 7 1/2
Human none
Status Alive
Location Snake-hippo Caves

He, along with his parents, were the only Serpentinite born Serpentinite. That is why he was originally the leader- he was the only available Serpentinite. His name is a play on "anaconda". He has huge grudges for Lonn Drages and Cobrai.


Several years after Azanio created Serpentinite on the Noobfork, Aconda came into existence. He soon joined Liepos, who made him a new island. However Lonn Drages gave Liepos the idea of merging snakes and humans to make more Serpentinite. This angered Aconda, who tried to make Drages change his mind. Drages reported Aconda's arguing to Liepos, who sent Glibbo out to take a powerful human and a cobra. Liepos created Cobrai, who quickly rose through the ranks and took the Ultimate Snake Staff from Aconda. Aconda, in his anger, retreated into a dark cave and has not been heard from since. Rumors have it, though, that Aconda is attempting to get his power back...