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This article, 9023 Sammy Game City, has not been mentioned in any of the books. It also may be deleted if it has not been mentioned in any Playground Games.

9023 Sammy Game City is a LEGO Sammy set based off Sammy Game City. It includes the Bedtime Song Interstate, Read to Sam Road, Sa-sas Road, Beep-Beeps Road, Dada Monster Road, and Deet Deets Road. The buildings are Villdizs Center, Sammy's House, Alligator Place, Publix, CVS, Sammy Game Supermart, and Wummerton's.

Sammy Game City

Item #





King Sammy, Blue Guy, Pooping Alligator Employee, Deet Deets, Beep Beeps, Sa-Sas, Villdizs, Botchawotts, Go Samsams



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